Beautifully shot and delivered in 4k.


Pilot Chris Shorten from BalloonMan takes us for a scenic flight above the skies of Melbourne. Best served in a VR headset.

Produced for PHORIA during the Melbourne Knowledge Week 2017. Recorded and Edited by Francesco @ Organic VR Soundtrack: FIREFLY Mortisville feat The Titan and Justin Ossher
We're pretty excited at HQ to share this very first epic 360 video of Rainbow! Massive respect to Organic Photo & VR ( for crafting such a great tase of our festival experience. It's a perfect piece to share with your family and friends who have never been and wondered why you get so excited each year!

Co-produced with PHORIA

PHORIA have partnered up with the University of Melbourne to create a unique 360 degree experience that takes you inside the School of Engineering and IT's facilities. Enjoy a unique perspective of the campus and meet the people tackling the big problems and see what the University is doing to help enable a world leading ecosystem.